20 Wine Gadgets to Watch Out for in 2019

Here are some gadgets every wine enthusiast must have, to enhance their wine drinking experience.

Wine enthusiasts are most particular about their wine drinking experience ranging from the selection of wine to how it is to be drunk. Wine enthusiasts face a lot of problems in their day to day life like the wine being aerated, oxidized, spilled and seldom being hot. Such issues reduce the impact and experience of wine drinking. Innovators worldwide have found out some cool ways to solve issues. Future Wine Expo team has curated a list of such top 20 wine gadgets to watch out for in 2019.



(Image Source: ProntoConcepts)

ProntoBev uses the patent-pending technology of chilling an entire bottle of wine to a specific temperature in just 30 seconds. ProntoBev helps in controlling the unique temperature for your unique wine.

Wine Squirrel

Wine Squirrel

(Image Source: Wine Squirrel)

Wine Squirrel is a patented product of Forever Products LLC. The seal in the Wine Squirrel decanter provides an effective oxygen barrier and preserves wine. Wine Squirrel works with wine having cork or screw-cap and is easy to use. Wine Squirrel can be easily stored in the fridge and the seal is so good, you can even store it horizontally.

ETO Wine Preservers

ETO Wine Preservers

(Image Source: - ETO Wine)

ETO Wine Preserver is a patented technology which allows its users to decant the whole bottle into an ETO, for opening up the wine and bringing out its character. The sharp lip gives drip-free pouring, which helps in avoiding any dribbles down the side of the bottle. ETO `s unique patented valve helps in forming a complete seal, to preserve wine’s full flavour. It helps in reducing oxidation and maintaining the taste of the bottle for a long period of time after it is opened.

Repour Wine Saver


(Image Source: Repour)

The Repour stopper is the easiest and most effective wine preserver. It was Invented and developed by Chemist and Founder Tom Lutz. It actively and continuously preserves the original aroma and taste by eliminating all of the oxygen from your wine.



(Image Source: Coravin)

The Coravin gives wine lovers the freedom to pour any wine, in any amount, without removing the cork. Model Two of the Coravin series features the perfect balance between elegant design and durable craftsmanship. The textured rubber grips and ergonomic lines of coravin, ensure a flawless experience with every pour.

Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Thermometer

Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Thermometer(Image Source:  Kelvin K2)

The Kelvin K2 smart wine thermometer uses the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, combined with recent advances in aerial technology, to send the temperature information to your smartphone. The free iOS or Android app then monitors your wine as it is chilling and provides information to get the best from every bottle of wine.


Corkcicle Air

Corckcicle Air

(Image source: Corkcicle)

Corkcicle Air perfectly chills your wines to the ideal temperature, each and every time. You have to just store it in your freezer for 90 minutes and insert into your favourite bottle of room temperature. The convenient pour-through feature of corkcicle air enables you to serve wine easily and elegantly.


Summum Sommelier Wine Aerate

Summum Sommelier Wine Aerate allows wine to ‘breathe’ as you pour, enhancing its characteristics, and enabling you to wholly enjoy all of its nuances. It allows the development of aromas and to aerate while serving so you don’t need to wait


(Image Source: Summum Sommelier Wine Aerate)







Ullo Wine Filters

Üllo is a revolutionary wine purifier that uses Selective Sulfite Capture™ technology to filter sulfites and sediments, bringing wine back to its natural state. Sulfites are added to all wine varietals as a preservative for longer use of wine.





(Image Source: Ullo Wine Filters)

Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Chiller

(Image Source: Cooper Cooler)

The Cooper Cooler™ is the fastest way to rapidly chill your warm beverages to refrigerator cold. You can save refrigerator space and get your beverages cold when you want them. Their process for chilling beverages is 90x faster than a refrigerator and 40x faster than a freezer without explosions or foaming.

Sparq Wine Pearls

(Image Source: Sparq Wine Pearls)

Sparq Wine Pearls offer chilled temperatures and a touch of class to every glass. You can pull one or two pearls from the freezer, add them to your favourite wine, martini or cocktail, and enjoy sipping in style.

Air cork

Air Cork Wine Preserver seals the remaining wine from the outside air - preserving the initial flavours and aromas. Air Cork comes in a ready to use box which includes 3 balloons, instructions and branded storage bag.






(Image Source: Air Cork)

Conundrum Wine Decanter

Conundrum Wine Decanter`s process begins by pouring the wine into the decanter. The wine travels downwards and over the sides of the decanter, providing superior aeration and oxygenation. While serving, the wine is gently dispersed over the specially designed curves providing a second aeration phase which maximizes the scent and flavor of the wine.

(Image Source: Conundrum Wine Decanter)






Vinturi Wine Aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator can be used with all red wines. Vinturi has a classic look and patented design which quickly and conveniently aerate wine by the bottle or glass.

(Image Source: Vinturi Wine Aerator)



Summum Sommelier Wine Thermometer

(Image Source: Summum Sommelier Wine Thermometer)

This digital wine thermometer enhances your wine enjoyment by wrapping your digital thermometer around the wine bottle and a few seconds later its accurate reading is automatically displayed. With the Summum Sommelier digital wine thermometer, you can serve wine at the best temperature and allow it to achieve its fullest taste and bouquet for the ultimate delight of your guests.

Secura Electric Corkscrew

Secura Cordless Electric Wine Bottle opener removes the cork in the matter of a second. Secura Electric Wine Bottle opener features a stainless-steel housing with a transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism. It has built-in rechargeable battery opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge.


(Image Source: Secura)







Portable Wine Glass

(Image Source: Goverre)

Goverre is a portable, stemless wine glass with a silicone sleeve and a drink-through lid. It holds 17oz of your wine. It is durable and thicker than a typical wine glass.

Valore Electric Decanter Pump

(Image Source: Valore Electric Decanter Pump)

Valore Electric Decanter Pump oxygenates and releases the rich aroma of your favourite wine effortlessly. It has a low power consumption and also features a built-in electronic air pressure system for high flow and designed in a handheld-size for maximum portability.

Descorjet Champagne Opener


Descorjet Champagne Opener is the easiest and safest way to open sparkling wines. It is fast and safe, because it stops corks from becoming flying projectiles. You can open the bottle with style: A single touch, the cork is removed, and then smoothly moves along the neck, to balance on the bottle.


(Image Source: Descorjet Champagne Opener)


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