Aaron Sherman to talk about embracing the future of wholesale e-commerce at Future Drinks Expo

Photo for: Aaron Sherman to talk about embracing the future of wholesale e-commerce at Future Drinks Expo

Get tickets to Aaron Sherman, Co-founder & CEO of SevenFifty’s session on May 17, 2022.


Aaron Sherman, Co-Founder, and CEO of SevenFifty will be taking the stage at the Future Drinks Expo on May 17 to talk about the Evolution of Wholesale E-commerce in the BevAlc Industry. Aaron is one of the speakers among top industry speakers that will take the stage on May 17.

SevenFifty is an online marketplace and communications platform that helps importers, producers, distributors, and retail buyers connect with each other and do business in a modern world. Sevenfity joined hands with Provi© this January to create a unified and expanded marketplace for the beverage alcohol industry.

As digitally-native consumers become digitally-native business leaders, all three tiers of the bevalc industry face an “adapt or die” moment. The demand for improved efficiency, increased options, lower costs, and an innovative, streamlined customer experience is at your doorstep. Embracing this new future is crucial to success, yet hesitancy remains strong throughout some segments of the industry. 

Aaron will discuss Industry trends and digital transformation challenges. How suppliers, distributors, and retailers can win on the digital shelf. Digital tools and assets for B2B and B2C businesses. Effective and innovative business models to maximize the profitability of your business. How to fast-track your e-commerce platform using e-commerce technology and data-driven solutions. Streamlining operations for retailers, distributors, and sales representatives via a robust communication system. Combining traditional merchandising efforts and local market relationships with digital efforts for an effective online foundation. Product and service enhancement with improved customer experience for network expansion and building brand equity. 

It is a great opportunity for you to meet and collaborate with Aaron Sherman at Future Drinks Expo which is happening on May 17, 2022, at South San Francisco Conference Center, San Francisco. The conference timings are 9 am to 5 pm and Mr. Sherman will be seen sharing his insights in an allocated time slot of 2 pm to 2.20 pm. Grab your tickets here

The Future Drinks Expo organized by Beverage Trade Network will represent the Best-in-class companies from all three tiers of the beverages sector. All exhibiting companies will demonstrate how they can help you address a specific problem. Discovering how to examine your business and setting new benchmarks will be the most important lesson from this new format program.

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