Embracing Technology In The Alco-Bev Industry With Southern Glazer’s, Nathan Mansperger

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Nathan Mansperger is the Vice President of eCommerce of Southern Glazer’s, America’s Largest Wine and Spirits Distributors. He shares insights about eCommerce in the Alcohol and Beverage Industry.


As a veteran in the wine and spirits industry, Nathan Masperger boasts of an experience of more than 15 years. With an education in Psychology and an MBA from Western Carolina University, he worked with Anheuser-Busch InBev for the longest time and gained immense experience in the eCommerce sector. His extensive knowledge has helped him to develop the Growth Model for the B2B Marketplace, Provi, and lead the B2C eRetail Business Development for Ab-InBev, ZX-Ventures. He now heads the eCommerce for Southern Glazer’s and has developed various sales and marketing initiatives to drive their revenue.


As Vice President of eCommerce for Southern Glazer’s, What are your key responsibilities?

I am responsible for the B2C eCommerce Business Unit and the newly launched DRAM Agency. The B2C eCommerce team focuses on the digital route to the market. We partner with National & Regional accounts to establish Joint Business Planning with licensed retailers and digital marketplaces. Our goal is to achieve a higher share online vs offline.

How has your role with different companies like Provi and ZX Ventures evolved over the years in terms of the eCommerce industry?

ZX Ventures was very early days for Bev Alc eCommerce. We were testing with new platforms and building the playbook. Understanding how to pull levers to increase sales and share. What was million in sales is now billions in sales.

Provi was focused on solving retailer and distributor challenges through data. It was very much focused on building a scalable business with limited resources while also aiming to transform the industry through technology. Provi provided a blank canvas to build new teams and capabilities while wearing multiple hats across the organization as we scaled from 15 to 115 people.


Image Source - Provi

How do you think eCommerce has transformed the business due to Covid19?

We saw a 4x increase in sales during COVID and a massive increase in alcohol awareness. As a result, the entire industry from suppliers, to distributors, to retailers has leaned in and staffed up talent to accelerate the growth of the channel. It is critical that we continue to invest in the channel so that alcohol isn’t left out of the digital basket as it lags behind grocery adoption which lags behind CPG.

How can eCommerce be an essential tool in optimizing businesses? 

Ecommerce is a key growth driver for licensed retailers to expand their footprint beyond their walk-in traffic. On the supplier side, brands have the opportunity to learn more about their customers and habits to understand what is working and prioritize their marketing efforts.

What is Proof? How did SG develop this platform? Could you give us a brief overview of it? 


Proof, Southern Glazer’s B2B eCommerce platform; Image Source - SGproof

Proof is a B2B platform that allows licensed retailers to access products and prices for the SGWS portfolio. It is a homegrown solution that enables more access to our retailer customers. Launched in 2019 as part of Southern Glazer’s digital strategy, it is a digital ecosystem that includes dedicated Proof Sales, Service, and Commerce platforms. It enables 24/7 online ordering and account management and operates in 44 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

Customers can search brand portfolios, place orders, and discover new products through this platform while the Suppliers can showcase their products.

How can SG provide value to its suppliers with the help of Proof?

It allows suppliers to showcase their products on a B2B platform. This allows them to access a wider network and reach out to many more customers.

Can you tell us a little about the DRAM Agency?


Launched in 2021, the DRAM (Digital Revolution of Alcohol Marketing) Agency provides digital marketing consulting and services to wine and spirits suppliers that are looking to activate or accelerate their eCommerce strategies. The team behind this agency possesses a broad arsenal of experience within digital marketing operations and across all facets of eCommerce relating to wine and spirits. A centralized resource for Southern Glazer’s, it allows its suppliers to access digital tools and solutions, data, and education around eCommerce. 

How do you think Distributors can add value to the eCommerce space?

Distributors can add value by upscaling their sales force so that they better understand how eCommerce work in the three-tier system.

How can Brands support you in your eCommerce activities?

More visibility into innovation, digital marketing plans, and investment in digital shelf management tools.

Interview by Prithvi Nagpal, Editor & Sommelier, Beverage Trade Network

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