Wondering how AI will influence the future of the drinks industry?

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AI, Blockchain, Crypto, NFT are terms shaking up the world. How does AI affect the wine and spirits industry? Read on to know more.


AI is everywhere. It is actively changing how we experience the world today. Artificial Intelligence is achieving really marvelous feats. This marvel extends itself across industries. When it comes to the wine and spirits industry, AI has brought in a revolution.

Artificial Intelligence in the food & beverage industry valued at USD 3.07 billion in 2020 has seen tremendous growth. It is expected to reach USD 29.94 billion by 2026 (Mordor Intelligence, 2021). AI in the drinks industry is helping brands by obtaining the data from their past records and strategizing it with the help of AI-implemented algorithms. This can help in predicting sales, understanding the behavior of consumers, managing the supply chain, and a lot more which can lead to the growth of companies. AI has helped a large number of players in the drinks industry to tap into their consumer preferences, get actionable insights and personalize the experience for their consumers. The use of AI is further incorporated into the supply chains, marketing, packaging, and other functions in the beverage industry too.

So interactive labels, recommendation algorithms, quality assurance, or even AI-generated blends have become a reality. This is just the beginning. The future of tech in the beverage trade is a big conversation to have. So, we are having it at the Future Drinks Expo.

Future Drinks Expo by the Beverage Trade Network is happening on May 17, 2022, in San Francisco, USA. This one-day experience at the South San Francisco Conference Center will witness 100+ Brands and Companies offering you current solutions and future road maps about the Drinks Industry. Distilleries, breweries, wineries, vineyard operators, importers, distributors, bars, restaurants, and retailers are invited to engage on a platform where knowledge marries vision and helps broaden the scope and impact of your business.

The conversation around AI, Blockchain, and NFTs is also seminal to the future of drinks. The Expo, along with its floor, will also host a conference. With more than sixteen panelists who are stalwarts in their respective areas, these topics will also be the talk of the town. The conference features Ashwin Ram, Director of AI at Google. Ashwin is a pioneer in applied research at the intersection of human-centered computing and interactive AI. He engages with the leadership of top companies to reimagine their businesses using the power of AI. Another distinguished panelist is Paul Mabray, Founder of Pix.wine. Pix is the world’s first wine discovery platform with a simple matchmaking mission: to pair people with bottles that bring them joy. Maureen Downey is another panelist to look forward to. She is the founder of WineFraud.com and Chai Vault. Chai Vault is a blockchain-based anti-fraud solution that will allow wine and spirits buyers to discern the authenticity and provenance (place of origin) of wine or spirits bottles before finalizing their purchase, without having to scan or inspect them.

So many more conversations will happen on the Expo Floor and the Conference at the 2022 Future Drinks Expo. Walking through the Expo Floor is free. Access to the conference comes with an exclusive pass priced at $99. This conference pass also provides you access to the Expo Floor. Super early bird pricing for the conference ends on Feb 28, 2022. The price will be $199 from March 1, 2022. You can get your passes today by logging on to the Visitor portal.

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