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Presenting 365WineTrade, a one-stop software for your wine and spirits business, Western Computer is exhibiting at the Future Drinks Expo on 17th May 2022 and it's a great opportunity to connect with them!


Western Computer company designs and implements Microsoft ERP solutions for an array of industries. The company is an experienced industry leader who knows how to maximize your investment. 


365WineTrade is a cloud software developed by Western Computer exclusively for the wine and spirits industry. It is a fully integrated, fully optimized wine and spirits software solution that is completely tailored for your business. 

If you are a wine and spirits distributor and want an ERP solution that can help you manage logistics, pricing management, and regulatory compliance effortlessly – 365WineTrade, an integrated cloud-ERP solution is the answer for your business. This software is transforming how wine and spirits distributors can grow and compete.

With embedded multi-state compliance and reporting, inventory and warehouse management, flexible industry pricing, business intelligence, and much more – 365WineTrade helps you automate, calculate, analyze and track all within one solution. 

Future Drinks Expo 2022 which is going to be held at South San Francisco Center on May 17, 2022, is a great opportunity for you to connect with Western Computer and manage your distribution business with ease. Get Your Visitors Pass here!

Features and Advantages of using 365WineTrade –

 - Manage real-time inventory and demand planning across multiple warehouses. 

 - Track shipments from container to the customer even while en route.

 - Instantly records bill backs and chargebacks.

 - Create custom sales order types, pricing structures, and discounts.

 - Track and analyze costs and margins including split case and delivery fees.

 - Automate federal, state, and local tax calculations to ensure full compliance.

 - Easily view your top brands, distribution costs, volume by week, perfect order percentage, returns, and dispositions, etc. with pre-built Power BI reports and connected insights.

 - Enhance products with details such as ABV, bottle size, and proof.

 - Build an online presence and customer experience with E-commerce integration. 

 - Empowers sales and delivery teams with powerful mobile apps.

365WineTrade is a powerful tool developed by Western Computers. With just a few clicks, you can drill down to view real-time performance metrics and information that perfectly matches your business and goals. It tracks your business performance and measures profits. You can easily access it anytime and anywhere using any device. 

This tool provides your customers with consolidated, clean invoices on the spot, giving your customers a more personalized, focused experience. It gives you a modern, strategic way to expand your sales channel and revenue. 

If you are a wine and spirits distributor, small or large, who wants to optimize, automate and perform operations with flexibility, and scale your business forward, connect with Western Computer and explore 365WineTrade. 

Western Computer is exhibiting at the Future Drinks Expo 2022 which is happening on May 17, 2022, at South San Francisco Conference Center. Get your visitors pass for the 2022 Future Drinks Expo and meet them along with many other companies that will help you grow.

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