Connect with TapRM at the 2022 Future Drinks Expo

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Discover the world of beers and their innovative distribution strategies with TapRM at the Future Drinks Expo 2022 at the South San Francisco Center on May 17, 2022


Harnessing the accessibility and ability to level the playing field of beer, Jason Sherman founded TapRM in 2019. A platform designed for everything beer, TapRM was started as a small company aimed at democratizing the beer industry with the help of distribution, eCommerce, and technology. A DTC (Direct to Consumer) beer distribution channel and online platform, it operates throughout 32 states in the U.S. It works with several breweries to sell beer to restaurants, bars, and supermarkets while also facilitating the breweries to sell their own beer directly to consumers via the TapRM website.


Jason Sherman

Jason Sherman, Founder of TapRM, Image Source - Linkedin

TapRM was focused on providing a technology platform that could simplify the convoluted world of beer retailers and wholesalers while offering delivery couriers on behalf of their brand partners. A full-stack beer distributor, TapRM is presently one of the largest sellers of beer operating in 32  states in the U.S. with over 110 beer brand partners and 50,000 consumers. Their true innovation has been on the supply chain front where they managed to disrupt the four-layer system for ordering beer online into a two-layer system. The first layer consists of the beer suppliers and the second is TapRM itself. Their website is a fabulous online marketplace that offers hundreds of trend-setting beers and hard seltzers. It provides incredibly competitive pricing to the consumers and a custom experience to their suppliers while offering a better direction to them with their fans.

“Engaging with TapRM enables customers to join a community of people who are all looking to discover new brands, try new products, and interact with others who are equally interested in finding products they will love” says Jason Sherman, Founder of TapRM

Future Drinks Expo 2022 which is going to be held at South San Francisco Center on May 17, 2022, is a great opportunity for you to connect with TapRM and get insights into the beer industry. Get Your Visitors Pass here!

The Localist, One of the TapRMbrands listed on TapRM

The Localist, One of the TapRMbrands listed on TapRM; Image Source - @taprmbeer on Instagram

What does the TapRM offer?

 - A wide variety of never-heard of beers and seltzers

 - Insights, Tools, and Infrastructure to brand so they can focus their time on their products and consumer connections

 - Website integrations for brands

 - A superior experience with same-day delivery and great pricing for consumers

 - For the supplier, an industry-leading quality assurance and data analytics while adhering to the three-tier system

 - Streamlined distribution of beer

 - Bringing in a community of beer lovers together

TapRM is passionate about building an efficient and inclusive beer infrastructure. They focus on enabling their beer brands to reach their consumers whenever and wherever. Building relations with the brands on its platform helps them to offer an inside look at the brand to its consumers. An inclusive and welcoming platform, TapRM welcomes all drinkers whether they are beer cicerone or a drink who has never ventured beyond a light lager. Basically, they are the disruptors in the beer distribution industry.

Flexcube West is exhibiting at the Future Drinks Expo 2022 which is happening on May 17, 2022, at South San Francisco Conference Center. Get Your Visitors Pass for the 2022 Future Drinks Expo and meet them along with many other companies that will help you become a pioneer in moving the drinks industry forward.

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